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August 22nd, 2023

Job Opening – Operations Analyst

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Carmel, Indiana

Position Overview

The position of operations analyst at Winthrop Capital Management (WCM) is an entry level position designed to provide candidates with a challenging, meaningful and supportive opportunity to build a career in the investment management business.

The position requires a disciplined, organized, and engaged individual who can contribute positively to our culture in a team-oriented environment. The successful candidate should have the ability to contribute in a positive manner to our culture by operating consistently within established processes, holding oneself accountable, and seeking to continually learn.


•Assist in the maintenance of asset allocation models and portfolio structures
•Assist in the design and testing of Winthrop Technology Solution’s proprietary portfolio and risk analytic
software called Wombat
•Analyze performance and risk attributes of portfolio total return
•Detailed analysis of duration and yield calculations for securities in portfolios
•Review portfolio compliance relative to compliance rules for each account
•Responsible for automating and testing the batch reporting system for client portfolios
•Reconcile performance numbers on a monthly basis across 500 accounts between the current performance
•measurement system and our proprietary performance analytics system called Wombat.
•Update security and portfolio analytics.
•Maintain risk models for portfolios.
•Support the Chief Compliance Officer with producing documentation for the registered investment
company’s quarterly compliance with Securities Exchange Commission rules.
•Provide support to portfolio managers and analysts as needed.
•Assist in quarterly client reporting process.

Skills & Qualifications

•1-3 years of experience in the investment industry
•Possession of bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting, or business
•Solid mathematics and quantitative skills
•Exceptional organizational skills
•Strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Word
•Desire to pursue CFA

Company Description

Winthrop Capital Management was founded in 2007. We implement value-oriented investment strategies in both equity and fixed income portfolios and serve both institutional and individual investors. Our goal is to provide outstanding long-term investment performance results consistent with the risk tolerance and investment constraints of each client. We seek to provide the highest level of service to our clients to help them achieve their investment objectives.

WCM Mission

Our goal is to help our clients achieve successful financial outcomes in relation to their specific Investment Management objectives. To accomplish this, we focus on long-term goals and create solutions that will realistically help clients achieve those goals with minimum risk.

Company Values

Winthrop Capital Management holds itself to the following Values:
Character and Integrity define the person
Our Culture and Firm come before the individual
Always do the right thing for the client
Make a positive impact in someone’s life every day

The WCM Culture:

Winthrop Capital Management describes its culture in the following way:
We recognize that it is important for our clients to speak into all aspects of our firm.
We recognize the need to over-communicate in order to create transparency within WCM.
We seek to question and analyze to get to the truth rather than accept what is provided at face value.
We believe accountability rests with a person – not a committee.
We believe the value of a meeting is a function of the work that is done between the meetings.
We empower the employee to take the initiative to make thoughtful decisions that benefit the company and the client.
We are lifetime learners and recognize that we need to continue to learn in order to continue to grow.
We hold each other accountable for our actions and initiatives.
Every employee strives for excellence in all that he/she does both within the firm and for our clients.
We take responsibility for our actions and will take initiative on behalf of the company and our clients.
We recognize that we are all individuals and we respect each other for our differences, and encourage the
continued development of each other’s gifts.

To apply, please send an updated, resume to:

Gregory Hahn
10201 N. Illinois Street,
Suite 275
Carmel, IN 46290

Or send via email to
[email protected]

All resumes are considered confidential.
Winthrop Capital Management is an equal opportunity employer.
Posted on 8/23/2023