Winthrop Capital Management manages funds for corporate, foundation and endowment, insurance, Taft-Hartley, and non-profit portfolios. We work with our institutional clients to craft appropriate investment policy statements and guidelines for the portfolios for institutions. We will customize our approach based upon the institution and have experience with investing for religious organizations. Our institutional portfolios are managed to generate returns consistent with the stated investment policy objectives and to minimize the risk and volatility associated with the allocation and risk level required.

Having a competitive strength in fixed income management, Winthrop Capital also builds custom portfolios that match the unique liabilities of our institutional clients.

For all of our managed institutional portfolios, we provide sophisticated reporting that includes performance attribution and risk metrics for the portfolio and will meet with key stakeholders and trustees as often as needed.

Winthrop Capital Management provides consultants and advisors with the strategies and resources they need to meet their clients’ objectives. We offer professionally managed separately managed fixed-income, equity, and balanced portfolios that can be tailored based upon your client’s needs.

Each separately managed account holds individual securities that are for that client alone. The benefit of direct ownership, particularly with bonds, is that clients will not be subjected to the liquidity needs and volatility of a pooled vehicle, such as an ETF or mutual fund. These accounts can also be structured to meet a client’s unique needs. We offer multiple professionally managed strategies that vary in taxation and duration, but can easily tailor our approach to meet a specific objective or accommodate a particular constraint.

We will provide the resources you need to educate your clients as well as detailed performance, risk, and attribution reporting. You maintain control of the relationship you have built and we will support you. While we do not maintain a direct relationship with your clients, we will be available to you and your clients to provide insight into our strategies, discuss our economic outlook, and answer any questions.

At Winthrop Capital Management, serving our clients with a high standard of excellence is just a given. However, we are also convinced that excellent service paired with mediocre performance adds very little value for our clients. We consistently strive to achieve performance results that are earned within the risk tolerances set for each client.

Wealth management begins with wealth preservation. As a wealth management client, we will work with you to develop an investment solution which is designed to meet your unique performance and risk objectives. We do not believe in perpetuating the misguided practices that exist in the investment industry and will not thrust you into an environment of statistical measures that are difficult to understand and simply don’t work.

We understand your need for timely and comprehensive information on your investment portfolio. In order to meet those demands, we ensure a well-trained staff and include other professional advisors and consultants who are specialists in their respective fields in order to provide the highest level of service and to meet your individual needs.

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