We believe that independent bottom-up security research is critical in order to identify the inherent value and return potential for a security. Our analysts are responsible for providing securities research for both equities and debt instruments. We believe that researching the entire capital structure of the company may uncover opportunities and themes that are not priced into the market. Our research includes detailed screening of the securities in our investment universe, deep credit analysis, fundamental and proprietary equity analysis, proprietary earnings models, and the creation of valuation targets. All research and analysis is brought to our Investment Committee meetings.


We work with advisors and consultants to provide separately managed accounts across multiple custodial platforms that meet their clients’ objectives. Each SMA holds individual securities that are for that specific client alone. The benefit of direct ownership, particularly with bonds, is that clients will not be subjected to the liquidity needs and volatility of a pooled investment vehicle, such as an ETF or mutual fund. These accounts can also be structured to meet a client’s unique needs. We offer multiple professionally managed strategies that vary in both objective and risk, but can easily tailor our approach to meet a specific target or accommodate a particular constraint.


Our relentless pursuit of excellence gives our compass direction and defines the culture of our company. We are continuously working to improve ourselves and our firm by investing in education, new talent, and strong proprietary technologies to keep our competitive edge and meet the needs of our clients.


It is not enough to diversify a portfolio based upon the analysis of historical data. Our experience managing complex institutional portfolios and forward-looking approach to risk management sets us apart from others. With our goal to create consistent risk-adjusted portfolio returns, we analyze every part of a portfolio and will allocate securities, sectors, and asset classes based upon their respective risk weight rather than nominal weight. At Winthrop Capital Management, we utilize proprietary risk models to build and manage portfolios. This approach is particularly important during times of market crisis when correlations increase and assets decline together.

Winthrop Capital Management