Winthrop Capital Management was founded in 2007 by Greg Hahn, President and CIO. Prior to founding Winthrop, Greg’s experience included building and leading two institutional investment teams that managed multi-billion dollar portfolios. His vision for Winthrop Capital Management was to create a firm with where employees continually strived for excellence.

We are employee-owned and have a long-term transition plan in place. All employees are expected to have opinions that are well reasoned and researched. In our investment process, there is no hierarchy. The most junior level person can challenge anyone’s opinion. We see worth in divergent views and believe it is a gift to work alongside outstanding people that have differing backgrounds and opinions.

The firm has since grown significantly in size in terms of assets under management and number of employees. We are extremely pleased with our growth and success. However, we firmly believe that it is important to remain a firm that values excellence over size.


Winthrop Capital Management holds itself to the following values:

  • Character and integrity define the person.
  • Our culture and firm come before the individual.
  • Always do the right thing for the client.
  • Make a positive impact in someone’s life every day.

The WCM Culture

Winthrop Capital Management describes its culture in the following way:

We recognize that it is important for our clients to speak into all aspects of our firm.

We recognize the need to over-communicate in order to create transparency within WCM.

We seek to question and analyze to get to the truth rather than accept what is provided at face value.

We believe accountability rests with a person – not a committee.

We believe the value of a meeting is a function of the work that is done between the meetings.

We empower the employee to take the initiative to make thoughtful decisions that benefit the company and the client.

We are lifetime learners and recognize that we need to continue to learn in order to continue to grow.

We hold each other accountable for our actions and initiatives.

Every employee strives for excellence in all that he/she does both within the firm and for our clients.

We take responsibility for our actions and will take initiative on behalf of the company and our clients.

We believe that an individual’s work product should stand on its own and require little explanation.

We recognize that we are all individuals and we respect each other for our differences, and encourage the continued development of each other’s gifts.

Winthrop Capital Management